Hangzhou Xinyue
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Hangzhou Xinyue New Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and wholesalers of insulation materials, packaging films, printing products.

Custom Packaging Film Manufacturers, Wholesale Flexible Packaging Film Suppliers in China

. There are more than 300 staffs in the company, including engineers, managers and workers.

Workshop are equipped with 1Japanese Vacuum Aluminum Coating Machine, 4 Homemade High-speed and Wide Vacuum Aluminum Coating Machines, 5 Automatic Computer-controlled Composite Coating Machines, Computer-controlled 6 colors Printing Machines, 1 Dry laminating machine, 25 circular looms, 8 High-speed Digital Cutting Machines.

Our products are mainly used in construction insulation materials, food packaging, outdoor leisure products, household cleaning supplies and medical supplies. With the consistent effort by every member, company's businesses are in expansion.

We have achieved a worldwide market, products are popular around the world.

Our motto is "in good quality, and in good faith". We welcome all customers at home and abroad to come and visit.

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Food packaging, thermal insulation materials, outdoor leisure supplies, household cleaning supplies, medical
supplies and other packaging fields.

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Our products are exported to Australia, South Korea, Vietnam, the United States, the Philippines, Nigeria, Canada and many other countries and regions.









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